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Values and Vision

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ROI VISUAL Draws Dreams
Every child has the rights to dream. ROI VISUAL pursues a world where children can dream as much as and as grand as they choose. We encourage innocence, inspire bravery, and lead children to healthy and safe lives through our contents so they may continue to dream.
ROI VISUAL Draws Humanity
The most important value is humanity. The focus of all ROI VISUAL’s contents is humanity. In each cut of an animation,
we display our competence. In each page of a book, we devote ourselves.
If we are unsure of something, we have the determination to protect our authenticity and values.
ROI VISUAL Draws Happiness
Happiness is always close by. At ROI VISUAL, we hope to become a company that is able to share happiness. Through our stories, it is our hope that people will be touched and will be able to laugh. We are working to create products that are not simply made to be sold, but rather create a shared happiness no matter what language, culture, or country of residence.